Contract Negotiations

Fixing The Future

Sometimes a handshake will do, but for the most important things in life, a well-drafted, enforceable contract can "fix" your rights.  Often, it is also to your advantage to have your attorney engage in the negotiating process rather involving personalities in the negotiation.  In addition to business contracts, I offer drafting and finalizing services for the following types of contracts:


- Sales Contracts

- Cohabitation Agreements

- Prenuptial Contracts

- Marital Property Settlement Agreements

- Separation Agreements


Drafting an enforceable legal contract is not always as simple as memorializing the parties' intentions. Contracts need to be drafted with knowledge of the effects and consequences of considerations such as: third party rights, possible remedies for breach, severability and enforcebility of singular provisions, the state and federal legislation which may effect parties' rights and tax consequences.  My objective is to draft a contract that fixes the future and complies with all applicable laws.


I prefer to offer contract negotiations on a Flat-Fee Basis.  See the Cost of Services page for more information. 

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