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Sterling Avellino
IT Advisor




Clarkson University - Potsdam, NY

Sterling Avellino

Sterling Avellino is a Junior at Clarkson University majoring in Mathematics and Physics.  Sterling serves as the Firm’s IT advisor-in-residence because we need him.  Though Mr. Avellino has no aspirations to remain in this position – he is attending Air Force Training this summer and cannot wait to escape – he does an artful job mimicking the best of IT staff by shuffling around with his headphones on, acting completely mystified by everyone’s ineptitude around computers, and occasionally growling at us. (Warranted.)


In his free time, Mr. Avellino spends hours on jujitsu, running with a rucksack, random math proofs that none of us understand, and enduring people who are not equipped to communicate with him about his passion for math.

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